Boat & RV Insurance Coverage!

Boat & RV Insurance Coverage!

RV’s & Boats!

Time for a coverage tune up?

The way you insure your recreational vehicle is important. It is a vehicle. It does need all of the insurance protections that most vehicles do. However, it’s also a home. It has many of your possessions on board. And, in many cases, it also has a very high value. What does all of this mean when it comes to buying RV insurance? You need a comprehensive plan that addresses the way you use your vehicle. The needs you have may vary based on whether you park and live in your RV or if you take it from one location to the next on a routine basis. And, of course, many RV owners do both! And when it comes to boats, it can be hard to understand insurance policies. So a lot of people will turn to friends and family members for advice on getting insurance for their boat before they talk with an agent. Even though people mean well; a lot of people won’t give you the right information and this can lead to a lot of confusion and misinformation. every instance, you want to make sure that you know the facts about insurance requirements not only in your community but across the country. And you will also want to make sure you have the right coverage, as well as enough coverage to protect yourself, your property, and your passengers. We recommend that you talk with someone who insures all types of recreational vehicles, like we do at Aspen Agency. We can give you the guidance you need so that you can choose the insurance coverage that is best for you and your lifestyle. Then you can enjoy your summer activities, road trips and boating excursions worry free and with confidence that should an accident happen, we got ya covered! Because at Aspen, we protect the things you love the most.

Do you have a Person Property Inventory?

Putting together a personal property inventory is easier than you think and can really speed up the claims process should you be the victim of a loss. Here is how it works!

Simply create a list of all items of value in your home, RV or boat to include:

  • Description of the item and where it is (was) located.
  • Purchase Date, Price & Place you bought it.
  • Serial# \ Model# \ And save the receipts if you can!

**Pro tip: Take video(s) and/or photos of your personal property and save them in a secure location that can be accessed remotely, such as a cloud drive or a flash drive. Just be sure not to leave them on your personal computer only, should that too be damaged or stolen.

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