e-Bikes: What are they and What you should know?

e-Bikes: What are they and What you should know?

How is an e-bike different from regular bikes?

Think of it like a typical bike but with the added assist of a motor to help you with speed or hilly terrain. E-bikes are both practical and entertaining without taking the physical fun out of the ride — you will pedal but get an assist. And if you’re not familiar with e-bikes, you will be soon. Domestic demand for e-bikes is growing, with 130 million of them expected to be sold in just three more years. Electric bicycles are designed to be very easy to operate. As a rider, you have three modes of operation available to you: Pedal only, Electric Assist and Electric only.

Do I need a license to ride one?

Electric bikes are still a fairly new concept in the US, so there is a lot of confusion about how the law views them. Federal law considers electric bicycles in the class as regular bicycles, provided they meet two conditions: (1) the top speed in “electric only” mode is 20 miles per hour; and (2) the motor power must be no more than 750W.

Do I need to have special insurance?

Electric bikes can be costly, and do have potential risks on the road typically not fully covered by homeowners, renter or auto insurances. It’s a risky move for your e-bike to be uninsured and Electric bike insurance does exist so if you are thinking of giving an e-bike a try, please be sure to check with your agent regarding coverage prior to making the purchase. There may be customizable policy options available in your area, that provide the right coverage to fit you, and your riding style. Coverages may include protection for damage caused by theft, crash, collision, fire, attempted theft, vandalism or hitting another object. Be sure to ask about additional options as well, including: Liability coverage, medical payments, vehicle contact protection and roadside assistance.

It’s your move. Take action today and protect yourself and your e-bike!

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